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Tram services in Milan

Travelling by tram and bus

Getting around in Milan is very easy and cheap if you take advantage of their readily available public transportation. There are many different lines: you can find your Tram and Bus Routes and Timetables on: ATM Web Site (in english)

You can buy tickets at the metro stations, in giornali (kiosk) or tabacchi (stores marked with “T”), but not on the bus or tram.

Ticket Time Price
Standard Ticket 90 Minutes after validation 1,50€
Carnet 10 tickets Ten 90 Minutes tickets 13,80€
1 Day Ticket 24 Hours after validation 4,50€
2 Days Ticket 48 Hours after validation 8,25€

Stops and timetables
You find all Information about them on ATM Web Site: you just have to select your means of transportation, click on Go and see all stops and timetales of your interest.

Milan map
To Download Milan Map click here

Download the Milan Mobility Charter (only in italian), the document that shows in detail all the services offered by ATM to the clientele and the respective quality levels.

Do you need more information?
Call the ATM Number at 800–80.81.81 (every days from 7:30 to 19:30)

Bus services in Milan

A New Service is now available which allows you to get around the city whenever and wherever you want every day from 20:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
To book your trip around Milan you just have to decide time, departure and arrival place then contact ATM to:

  • Call center at 02/ (from 13:00 to 2:00 a.m.)
  • E-mail Module on ATM Web Site
  • Fax at 02/ (from 3 days before to 18:00 p.m. departure day)
  • SMS at 335/78.72.571 (from 3 days before to 18:00 p.m. departure day)
Prices If You buy the supplement
Standard ticket+1,50€ at ATM Dealership (2200 in Milan and province)
Standard ticket+2,00€ on board
Standard ticket+3,00€ on board and you don't have a valid document

Taxi services in Milan

Travelling by metro

Public transportation makes getting around in Milan very easy and cheap. There are 3 metropolitan lines: the red line west-north (linea rossa), green line south-east (linea verde) and yellow line north-south (linea gialla). You can find routes and lines on the following link: ATM Web Site (in english).

You can buy tickets at the metro stations, in giornali (kiosk) or tabacchi (stores marked with “T”), but not on board. Prices and conditions equal to Tram and Bus, have a look above!

Metro Map
There are 3 metro lines:

Metro Lines Directions
Red Fiera Milano/Bisceglie to Sesto 1° Maggio FS (west-center-north)
Green Assago Milanofiori Forum to Gessate (south west-center-east)
Yellow San Donato to Comasina (south-center-north)

Click here to Download Metro Map

Stops and Timetables
You can find all information about them on ATM web site, you just have to select your means of transportation and your metro line to see all stops and timetales of your interest.

The ATM website offers a very useful resource to get around the city: GIROMILANO, choose an area or write down the streets and calculate the route or find an address.

Download the Milan Mobility Charter, (only in italian) the document that shows and details all the services offered by ATM to the clientele and the respective quality levels.

Taxi services in Milan

Travelling by Train

Main stations are: Milano Centrale (city center), Rogoreto (south east), Lambrate, Sesto 1° Maggio FS (north), Cadorna, Porta Genova FS, Porta Garibaldi, Bovisa.

Most of the Station have an interchange with subway System.

Find here your train to Milan:

Departure Station:

Arrival Station:





Taxi services in Milan

Travelling by taxi

In Milan it is not cheap, especially at rush-hour. You can book a taxi in advance, or you just call and the person on the phone will tell you how long it will take to pick you up.

Taxi Blu phone: 02.4040

Yellow Taxi Multiservice phone: 02.6969

There is also an option to call a radiobus which is a new service and a mix of the public transportation and a taxi. You call the radiobus and it takes you where you want.

Radiobus phone: 02.48034803

Taxi services in Milan

Travelling by car

Although this may seem like one of the most fexible solutions, we suggest that you use other means of transportation while in Milan. There is a great deal of traffic, it is expensive to park and there exist ZTL (Traffic Limited Zones), which you are not permitted to cross.

However, here's some useful information about:


On http://www.turismo.comune.milano.it/ you will find a useful map with parking areas: clicking on P you see details about each lot with adresses, times and prices. You can also book some parking spaces on the Web (Italian version). Furthermore, any search engine will help you find parking depending on your streets of interest.


Rent a car

Are you searching for information about renting a car in Milan? If yes, you found the right site! You can find here all the useful information to rent a car in Milan. Thanks to aboutmilan.com and Avis you can rent cars online not only from/to Milan but also from/to many other Italian cities.

Click here for more information about renting a car in Milan »

Travelling with car on board
With Trenitalia Car on Board you can reach your destination avoiding the stress of driving and traffic queues.
More Info: www.trenitalia.com

Bikes in Milan

Travelling by bike

Many people in Milano use a bicycle to go for a ride or to get to work. It is much easier to travel by bike in Milan - and you will not get stuck in traffic!

Rental Points
– You can rent a bicycle at "Noleggio biciclette AWS":
Adress: Via Ponte Seveso 33
Phone: 02.67072145
Web Site: www.awsbici.com Working hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:00 – 13:00; 15:00 – 19:00

Adress: via Garibaldi
Rental Prices: half day 6€, 1 day 10€, weekend 18€, 1 week 35€
Web Site:http://www.rossignoli.it/ciclo/

Our suggestion

Guided tours in Milan: visit Milan by segwayMilan Segway Tour

Guided segway tour through the streets of Milan. You will move from Parco Sempione and touch the most beautiful places of interest in the city, such as the Sforza Castle, via Dante, Piazza Duomo and Piazza dei Mercanti. Photo stops are encouraged, so keep your camera handy as you pass through the various attractions!


Book your guided tour in Milan Duration: 3 hours
Price: Starting from EUR €90,00


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