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At the bottom you can find a list of the museums in Milan with the contact information.

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Milan City Sightseeing Tour Milan City Sightseeing Tour including il Cenacolo - Da Vinci's " Last Supper"

Make a panoramic city tour of Milan to see it's major sights such as The Duomo and Sforzesco Castle. This is your opportunity to see Da Vinci's "Last Supper", and enjoy an espresso in the same cafe that composer Verdi frequented.


Book your guided tour in Milan!Duration: 4 hours
Price: Starting from EUR €60.00 per person
based on traveler feedback


Brera Art Gallery in Milan - Pinacoteca di Brera

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Brera Art Gallery

One of the greatest galleries containing several masterpieces of Italian art from the XIV to the XX century such as: Raphael’s “Marriage of the Virgin”; Giovanni Bellini’s “Pietà”; Piero della Francesca’s “Urbino Altarpiece”; Andrea Mantegna’s “The Dead Christ”; Caravaggio’s “Supper at Emmaus”; and Bramante’s “Christ at the Column”. There are six new hall0s dedicated to Italian paintings between XIII and XVI century; there is a collection of metaphysical paintings, and there is also the Maria and Emilio Jesi collection, which has been donated to the gallery.


Address: Via Brera, 28

Phone: 02 722631

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Brera Art Gallery Brera Art Gallery (Museum Ticket Reservation + Visit to the "Last Supper" of Leonardo da Vinci)

The Pinacoteca di Brera is located in the Brera Palace, ancient convent of the Umiliati order from the 1300. Here are also located other cultural institutions, as the Library, the Astronomic Observatory, the Botanic garden, the Lombard Institute of Sciences and Letters, and the Fine Arts Academy.


The Pinacoteca is the main museum of Milan, and one of the most important of the world for its prestigious collections of ancient and modern painting.


Book your museum ticket to visit the Brera Art Gallery!Price: Starting from EUR €31.99 per person


Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, the church where you can admire  The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

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Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

Santa Maria delle Grazie is one of the most famous churches in Milan, a Dominican convent included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list.
The church is famous above all for the mural of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, which is situated inside the refectory of the convent.

Address: Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2
Phone: 02 89421146

Our suggestion

Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper (Tickets Reservation)

Visit Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, The Last Supper (Cenacolo Vinciano, in Italian). In the refectory of the 15th century Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, is located Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of art.


A Guided Tour is also available: Milan City Sightseeing Tour including il Cenacolo - Da Vinci's " Last Supper"


Book your museum ticket to visit the Brera Art Gallery!Price: starting from €15.99 per person


The Monumental Cemetery, the cemetery  of the most important people of Milan

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Monumental Cemetery

Carlo Maciachini built the Monumental Cemetery between 1863 and 1866 at Porta Volta. The numerous monuments are made by a multitude of artists such as Giacomo Manzù, Luca Beltreami, Pietro Cascella, Mosè Bianchi, Francesco Messina, Medardo Rosso, Adolfo Wildt, Vincenzo Vela and Ettore Ximenes. In this cemetery where important citizens were buried, such as Alessandro Manzoni, Pietro Mascagni, Arrigo Boito, Francesco Hayez, Carlo Forlanini, Maria Callas, Eugenio Montale, Elio Vittoriani, the General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa and many others.

Address: Piazzale Cimitero Monumentale, 1
Phone: 02 6599938

Visit the Municipal Archeological Museum in Milan

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The Municipal Archaeological Museum

It was born as the fusion of the Brera Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Artistic Museum. It contains Greek, Italiot and Etruscan bronzes and pottery. One section is dedicated to the Roman Period in Milan. Another one is dedicated to recent excavations, and their relics, made in Palestine. There is also a very interesting ancient coins collection.

Address: Corso Magenta, 15
Phone: 02 86450011

Visit the Sforza Castle art gallery in Milan

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The Sforza's Castle art gallery

This museum is divided into many parts: collections of art antiquities, applied arts, musical instruments. There are also archeological and numismatic collections from ancient Egypt and a inscribed and tablets section. Here you can see the famous Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo.

Address: Piazza Castello
Phone: 02 88463703

Visit the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan

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The Modern Art Gallery

It was inaugurated in 1921 with the aim of collecting all the paintings and sculptures hosted by the Sforza Castle until then. The museum hosts a collection of XIX century paintings of Milanese Neoclassicism, Italian Romanticism, Macchiaioli school, Italian Impressionism, Verism and Divisionism.
There are also two special galleries: the Grassi collection (paintings between XIX and XX century), and the Giuseppe Vismara collection (XIX-XX century works).

Address: Via Palestro, 16
Phone: 02 76002819

La Scala Theatre Museum in Milan, Piazza della Scala

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La Scala Theatre Museum

It is a theatrical museum and library attached to the opera house La Scala. It was opened in 1913. Although it has a particular focus on the history of opera and of La Scala opera house, its scope extends to Italian theatrical history in general. Displays inside the museum include costumes, set designs, autograph scores, musical instruments of historical interest, paintings of musicians and actors, a range of related paraphernalia including precious ceramic figures portraing characters from the Commedia dell'Arte and board games which used to be played in the theatre's foyer.

Address: Palazzo Busca – Corso Magenta,71
Phone: 02 4691249

La Scala guided tourVisit La Scala Museum & Theatre

With this guided tour you will visit the Museum room with a specialized guide, who will tell you about curiosities, anecdotes and great artists who performed on this important stage.


Guided tour to visit La Scala museum and theatreDuration: 1 hour and half

Price: € 30

The Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

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The “Leonardo da Vinci” Science and Technology museum

This museum is dedicated to the great genius of Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, and is divided into three parts:
1) Monumental building including: Measurement of length and mass, Modern physics, Optics, Electrology, the Leonardo gallery, Astronomy, Clock-making, Land transport, Graphic arts Tele–and–Radio–communications, Metallurgy, Smelting and Petroleum research. In this part there is also the Physics Research Centre and the Conference hall.
2) Rail Transport building including a collection of 21 locomotives and carriages from various periods.
3) Air and Sea Transport building including three very famous works: the naval training ship “Ebe”, the bridge of the “Conte Biancamano”, and the submarine "Enrico Toti" of the Italian Militar Marine.

Address: Via San Vittore, 21
Phone: 02 48555455


Inter FC and Milan AC museum in Milan, San Siro stadium

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Inter and Milan A.C. Museum

The first sport–museum in Italy inside a stadium. It contains more than 3000 objects concerning the history of the two great Milanese football teams: Milan A.C. and Inter F.C. The museum offers a movie room aimed to show the whole history of San Siro and its two famous clubs and 24 actual size statues, representing the greatest AC Milan and FC Inter players ever, are situated in a special area of the museum to enable visitors to recall everlasting emotions.

A tour of the Stadio Meazza (San Siro Stadium) is also available for visitors and soccer lovers who, after looking back at the most exciting memories, wish to have the chance of enjoying the uniqueness of one of the most beautiful sport buildings in the world.

Address: Stadio G. Meazza (San Siro) – Via Piccolomini, 5
Phone: 02 4042432 – 4042251


The Royal Palace in Milan

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Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

The Royal Palace is one of the most beautiful architectures of the Milanese 18th century. It was the home of the Visconti and of the Sforza families in the past and later, residence of the Spanish and of the Austrian governors. It was the architect Giuseppe Piermarini (the same who designed La Scala theatre) who renovate the building between 1771 and 1778 giving it the splendid Neoclassical appearance it has today. From 1598 the Royal Palace housed the first permanent theatre in Milan, then destroyed by fire in 1776. In 1965 the city of Milan purchased the palace to use it as offices, museums and for the temporary shows and exhibitions.

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 12
Phone: 02 76316505

The Royal Villa in Milan, the most important Milanese neo-classical building

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Villa Reale (Royal Villa)

One of the most important Milanese neo-classical buildings, the Royal Villa, was built in 1790 by Leopoldo Pollak. It has been the residence of Napolen and Josephine and also of Eugene Beauharnais and the General Radetzky. Pilasters and columns decorate all the building that is surrounded by an English–style garden. The insides are finely decorated with candelabras, sculptures, frescoes and other decorations typical of Lombard neo–classicism.

Address: Via Palestro, 16
Phone: 02 76002819

The Ambrosian Art Gallery the oldest museum in Milan

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The Ambrosian Art Gallery

Opened in 1618 it is the oldest museum in Milan. It contains important works as Raffaello’s cartoon for “School of Athens” fresco; Caravaggio’s “Basket of fruit”; Botticelli’s “Madonna con Bambino e tre angeli ”.

Address: Piazza Pio XI, 2
Phone: 02 806921
Web: www.ambrosiana.it (Italian text)

The museum of art and science in Milan, Gottfried Matthaes Foundation

Museo d'Arte e Scienza

The Museum of Art and Science – Gottfried Matthaes Fundation – represents an important landmark for art collectors since it is the most important European centre for checking of authenticity of antiques.
The museum has several important sections to visit, among which some of the most interesting are represented by permanent exhibitions of Leonardo da Vinci's works. You will find there also a scientific laboratory open to the public, used for scientific dating of wood and certification, and the African and Buddhist art sections, a permanent exhibition entitled "Life and Art in Black Africa" with more than 350 objects located in five different rooms.
The building also incorporates part of the Sforza Castle's underground passage.

Address: Via Quintino Sella, 4
Phone: 02 72023156


The Naval Museum

It contains navigation instruments and some models of ships, relif models and some relics. The masterpiece is the “Red Tent” used by General Nobile in his expedition to the North Pole.

Address: Via San Vittore, 21
Phone: 02 48555455

The Cathedral Museum

It contains various pieces related to the construction of the Cathedral such as designs, sculptures, ornaments and decorations, stained–glass windows.
With the Entry Ticket to the Museum is possible to climb the Dome.

Address: Piazza Duomo, 14
Phone: 02 860358
Web: www.duomomilano.it

The Municipal Archaeological Museum

It was born as the fusion of the Brera Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Artistic Museum. It contains Greek, Italiot and Etruscan bronzes and pottery. One section is dedicated to the Roman Period in Milan. Another section is dedicated to recent excavations, and their relics, made in Palestine. There is also a very interesting ancient coins collection.

Address: Corso Magenta, 15
Phone: 02 86450011

The Municipal Natural History Museum

Located in the Public Gardens, it is the oldest municipal museum in Milan. There is a great number of insects, mineral, birds and fossils that contribute to create great geology, palaeontology, petrography and mineralogy sections.

Address: Corso Venezia, 55
Phone: 02 88463280

The Cinema Museum and Italian Motion-picture Film Library

Here it is illustrated the period before motion pictures invention, and origins and development of the cinema.

Address: Palazzo Dugnani – Via Manin, 2/B
Phone: 02 6554977

The Botanical Gardens

This museum was established by Maria Teresa of Austria in 1777, and it contains ancient trees such as a pair of Gingko Biloba, an enormous Junglans, a Lime, a green plane-tree Firmiana and a great Pterocarya Fraxinifolia.

Visits by appointment.

Address: Via Brera, 28.

The Triennal of Milan

Address: Viale Alemagna, 6
Phone: 02 724341
Web: www.triennale.it

List of Museums


Municipal Collections of Archaeology and Numismatics - Egyptian and Prehistorical Section

Milano – Castello Sforzesco, p.zza Castello
Phone: 02 8053972


Museum of Archeology

Milano – c.so Magenta, 15
Phone 02 86450011–8053972



Diocesan Museum

Milano – Chiostri di Sant'Eustorgio, c.so di Porta Ticinese, 95
Phone: 02 89404728–89404714 www.museodiocesano.it


F. Messina Museum and Study

Milano – via S. Sisto, 4
Phone: 02 86453005


L. Minguzzi Museum

Milano – via Palermo, 11
Phone: 02/8051460–8690180


Leonardo's Last Supper

Milano – p.zza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2
Phone 02/89421146


Municipal Art Collections: Gallery of Modern Art

Milano – Villa Reale, via Palestro, 16
Phone 02 76002819


Municipal Collections of Antique Art

Milano – Castello Sforzesco, p.zza Castello
Phone 02 6208394-86463054


Municipal Collections of Applied Art and Prints - Museum of Musical Instruments

Milano – Castello Sforzesco
Phone 02 860160


CIMAC (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art)

Milano – Palazzo Reale, p.zza Duomo, 12
Phone 02/62083219


Museum of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Passione

Milano – via Conservatorio, 16
Phone: 02 76021370


Museum of the Permanente

Milano – via Turati, 34
Phone: 02 6551445–6599803


PAC (Padiglione arte contemporanea)

Milano – via Palestro 14
Phone: 02 76009085


P. Pini Art Museum

Milano – ex Ospedale psichiatrico "P. Pini", via Ippocrate, 45
Phone: 02 66212325


The Ambrosian Gallery

Milano – p.zza Pio XI, 2
Phone: 02 806921


The Bagatti Valsecchi Foundation Museum

Milano – via Santo Spirito, 10
Phone: 02 76006132


The Brera Gallery

Milano – via Brera, 28
Phone: 02 722631


The Cathedral Treasury

Milano – Duomo, p.zza Duomo
Phone: 02 86463456 (Vestry)


The Contemporary Religious Art Gallery

Milano – V. Terruggia, 14
Phone 02/6470066 (Office)


The Milan Cathedral Museum

Milano – Palazzo Reale, p.zza Duomo, 14
Phone: 02/860358


The Museum of Milan

Milano – Palazzo Morando, via Sant'Andrea, 6
Phone: 02 76006245


The Poldi Pezzoli Museum

Milano – via Manzoni, 12
Phone: 02 794889


Museum of the Basilica of St. Ambrose

Milano v p.zza Sant'Ambrogio, 15 – via Lanzone, 30/a (accesso ai disabili)
Phone: 02 86450895


Museum of Peoples and Cultures

Milano – via Mosè Bianchi, 94
Phone: 02 438201


Municipal Museum of Natural History

Milano – c.so Venezia, 55
Phone: 02 88463280 (Museum) 88463289–93 (Booking)


E. Treccani Museum

Milano – via Carlo Porta, 5
Phone: 02 6572627


Educational Maritime Museum

Milano – via S. Vittore, 21
Phone: 02 4815551


G. Lorenzi Collection

Milano – via Montenapoleone, 18
Phone: 02 76022848


La Scala Theatre Museum

Milano – Palazzo Busca, C.so Magenta, 71
Phone: 02 8053418


Museum of the Pusterla di Sant'Ambrogio

Milano – via Carducci, 41
Phone: 02 8053505


The Art Collector Museum

Milano – via Q. Sella, 4
Phone: 02 72022488


The Italian Design Permanent Collection ('45 - '90)

Milano – via Durando, 38
Phone: 02 724341 (Triennial)


The Movies Museum

Milano – Palazzo Dugnani, via Manin, 2/b
Phone: 02 6554977


The Perfume Museum

Milano – l.go Vulci, 3
Phone: 02 3495161


The Toy and Child Museum

Milano – via Pitteri, 56
Phone: 02 26411585 (Museum)


The Zucchi Collection and Museum

Milano – via Ugo Foscolo, 4
Phone: 02 902551 (Telephone exchange) 90255230 (Museum)


Museum of Contemporary History

Milano – via Sant'Andrea, 6
Phone: 02 88464170 (Museum of the Risorgimento)


Museum of the Risorgimento

Milano – Palazzo de Marchi, via Borgonuovo, 23
Phone: 02 88464170


Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology

Milano – via S. Vittore, 21
Phone: 02 485551

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