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Monza Circuit map

After the straight in front of the box there is the first variant (right,left), that originally was a fast chicane, very amazing, it has been gradually reduced due to its "dangerous" conformation; very high speed that could provocate accindent between two or more launched cars. Actually it can be passed at 80km/h with 1.2 g-force on car. After this a long and fast curve on right that came acrossed at the speed of about 300 km/h - 2.3 g-force. A first big slowdown is acted by Roggia variant (left, right), at 115 km/h 2.5 g-force prepare you for the appointment with Lesmo, then, if you haven't felt the change of direction at 160 km/h 2.2g you can immeaditly repeat this experience in Lesmo 2 (right,160km/h 2.2g) Now you're defenetily running on other side of the track you can keep on at great speed (about 330km/h) while your engine is taking fire, until Ascari variant (left,right,left 170km/h 3.3g) then a big straight take you to the "Parabolica" (right 160km/h 2.8g); taken at 3 gear introducing you to the main straight of the circuit

Click on track to see details (Picture are from Monza circuit offcial website)
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