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La Scala theatre the most famous and important theatre of Milan

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La Scala Opera Theatre

This is the reason why some tourists come to Milan. It is one of the world's most prestigious opera houses.

It was opened on the 3rd August 1778 under the patronage of Maria Teresa d'Austria, to replace the Royal Ducal Theatre which was destroyed by a fire in 1776. It was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini, the great neo–classical architect, and it was opened by Salieri's opera, "L'Europa Riconosciuta". Later the ballet was included and the repertoire was expanded. The Scala Theatre was destroyed during the second World War, was rebuilt and later reopened by Toscanini. The theatre closed in 2001 for restoration but the new season was opened in december 2004, with the opera which consacrated the first opening in 1778, the Salieri's one directed by Riccardo Muti.

Address: Piazza della Scala
Phone: +39 02 860775 (to book) / +39 02 88791 (exchange)
How to get there: Metro line 1
Web: www.teatroallascala.org
Find here more information about La Scala Museum.

La Scala guided tourVisit La Scala Museum & Theatre

With this guided tour you will visit the Museum room with a specialized guide, who will tell you about curiosities, anecdotes and great artists who performed on this important stage.


Guided tour to visit La Scala museum and theatreDuration: 1 hour and half

Price: € 30

The Teatro Nuovo in Milan

Teatro Nuovo

It was founded in 1938 and designed by the architect Lancia and was run by Remigio Paone, Luigi Pirandello's, friend until 1977. This theatre has always tried to showcase the most innovative shows of the times and many important authors have represented their works in the Teatro Nuovo. For example, Peppino de Filippo with his "Natale in casa Cupiello".

Address: Piazza San Babila
Phone: +39 02 76000086 (to book)
How to get there:
METRO: San Babila
TRAM: 2,3, 14, 27
BUS: 37, 54, 60
Web: www.teatronuovo.it

The Teatro Leonardo da Vinci in Milan

Teatro Leonardo da Vinci

It was founded in 1979 by Fiorenzo Grassi and Gianni Valle. It was originally called Teatro di Portaromana until the theatre company Teatridithalia expanded to occupy this theatre and changed its name to the Leonardo and the Elfo theatre. It represents drama: Fassbinder Rimbaud Camus and Pasolini.

Address: Via Ampere 1
Phone: +39 02 26681166
How to get there:
METRO: Piola
BUS: 62, 90, 91
Web: www.elfo.org

Teatro Manzoni in Milan

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Teatro Manzoni

Its long tradition of featuring spectacles, writers and directors, began in 1850, when seven noblemen decided to found this theatre to reinstate the importance of prose. It was opened by "I martiri" of Carlo Torelli , "Amore senza stima" of Carlo Ferrari "Kean" by Dumas and many others. Nowadays it also offers Sunday–morning jazz concerts.

Address: Via Manzoni 42
Phone: +39 02 7636901
How to get there:
METRO: Montenapoleone
BUS: 61, 94
TRAM: 1, 2, 20,
Web: www.teatromanzoni.it

Teatro Dal Verme

The architect Giuseppe Pestagalli was commissioned to design and construct this building, which was named after the Milanese Dal Verme family and has the capacity to seat 3000. Construction was finished just a year and a half after it began - openeing in 1872 - and completely full of 19th century architectural characteristics. Destroyed during World War II and restored three years later, in 1946, it was used as a cinema for a long time and later as a venue to host music events and concerts.

Address: Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 2
Phone: +39 02 87905
How to get there:
METRO: M1 Cairoli, M1 and M2 Cadorna, M2 Lanza
Tram: 1, 3, 4, 12, 14, 19, 24, 27
Bus: 43, 50, 57, 58, 61, 70, 94
Train station: Milano Cadorna
Web: www.dalverme.org

San Babila Theatre

This theatre was built in 1964 by the architect Gottardi and comissioned by Cardinal Montini – who was appointed Archbishop of Milan then and subsequently Pope Paolo VI. The San Babila theatre is a modern building that boasts a room with perfect acoustics and is equipped to simultaneous translate for international congresses. In some ways it represents the temple of prose, and greatest Italian actors – such as Paolo Stoppa, Aroldo Tieri, Peppino De Filippo, Nino Taranto, Glauco Mauri, Rossella Falk, Ernesto Calindri, Lauretta Masiero, Giulio Bosetti, Enrico Maria Salerno, Renzo Montagnani, Giancarlo Sbragia, Lella Brignone, Gianni Santuccio, Sara Ferrati and many others – have performed on its stage.

Address: C.so Venezia, 2/A
Phone: +39 02 795469
Web: www.teatrosanbabila.it

Teatro Verdi

It features productions of the Teatro del Buratto and has a strong hand in the search for and promotion of young talents.

Address: Via Pastrengo 16
Phone: +39 02 6880038
How to get there: Metro Garibaldi F.S–MM2
Web: www.teatrodelburatto.it

Piccolo Teatro in Milan

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Piccolo Teatro (Teatro Grassi)

It was founded in 1947 by Paolo Grassi and Giorgio Strehler, the most important italian theatre director of the second half of the 20th century. The first play acted was "L'albergo dei poveri" by Gorkij. Although it offers only 500 seats, and a little stage, the Piccolo Teatro is a theatre of art for anyone, and it proposes a diverse and international repertory. The Piccolo Teatro remains as the historical head office while there are two other theatres built in different periods, which are part of the Piccolo Teatro.
See Nuovo Piccolo (Teatro Strehler) and Teatro Studio.

Address: Via Rovello 2
Phone: +39 02 72333222
How to get there:
METRO: Cordusio
BUS: 43, 57, 61, 70
TRAM: 1, 3, 4, 12, 14, 19, 24, 27
Web: http://www.piccoloteatro.org/

Nuovo Piccolo (Teatro Strehler)

By the 70s Giorgio Strehler wanted to built a second theatre larger than the previous one. Now it showcases ballet and the Mediterranean Theatre Festival.

Address: Largo Greppi
Phone: +39 02 72333222
How to get there:
METRO: Lanza
BUS: 43, 57, 61, 70
TRAM: 1, 3, 4, 12, 14

Teatro Studio

Address: Via Rivoli 6
Phone: +39 02 72333222
How to get there:
METRO: Lanza
BUS: 43, 57, 61, 70
TRAM: 1, 3, 4, 12, 14

This is an experimental theatre opened in 1987.

Auditorium of Milan

It represents the house of music of the Giuseppe Verdi Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of Milan. A few years after its inauguration in 1999 it became one of the most important cultural poles of the city. The hall of the auditorium was designed and constructed to host different activities including symphonic music concerts, choral and chamber, jazz and light music, recordings by digital systems, promotion of events by satellite TV and projection room by a big screen.

Address: Corso San Gottardo, 39
Phone: +39 02 833891
How to get there:
BUS: 59, 71
TRAM: 3, 9, 15, 29, 30
Web: www.laverdi.org

Smeraldo Theatre

When it opened in 1940 it was solely a cinema hall, but during the 80s- under the artistic direction of Gianmario Longoni- it became a space dedicated to showcasing theatrical events. The Smeraldo theatre currently represents an ideal and special stage for Italian and international performances, including musicals and recitals interpreted by great actors. Just to mention some: Evita, A Chorus Line, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, The Rocky Horror Show, Cats, Mamma Mia!. It gives particular attention to dance, so that we can say that artists like Moses Pendleton, David Ezralow and David Parsons are regular guests of the theatre.

Address: Piazza XXV Aprile, 10
Phone: +39 02 36639300
How to get there:
METRO: MM2 – verde (Moscova, Garibaldi)
TRAM: 11, 29, 30, 33
BUS: 94
Web: www.teatrosmeraldo.it

Cinemas & Movies


original language movies:

Cinema Ariosto Via Ariosto 16 – Phone 48003901
Cinema Anteo Via Milazzo, 9 – Phone 02/6597732
Multisala Odeon Via Santa Redegonda, 8 – Tel. 02/874547

Arcobaleno Film Center V.le Tunisia, 11 – Phone 02/29406054

Cinema Mexico Via Savona, 57 – Tel. 02/48951802


Europlex Bicocca V.le Sarca 336 – Phone 02/199119988
Original language movies each Monday and Tuesday

Metro LINEA 1: fermata PRECOTTO – poi a piedi fino a Largo Mattei, quindi il tram 7 (con fermata stazione di Milano Greco).
Metro LINEA 1: fermata PRECOTTO – poi collegamento di superficie (navetta)
Metro LINEA 2: fermata GOBBA – poi bus 44 (con fermate in Via Cozzi, Via Emanueli).
Metro LINEA 2: fermata GARIBALDI - poi tram 11 (con fermata in Viale Fulvio Testi).
Metro LINEA 3: fermata ZARA - poi tram 7 (con fermata stazione di Milano Greco).
TRAM 2: dal centro città per viale Fulvio Testi.
TRAM 11: da zona Città Studi per viale Fulvio Testi.
BUS 44: da Cascina Gobba per Bicocca: fermate: Breda, Cozzi, Emanueli.
BUS 51: linea Porta Volta–Cimiano: fermata: G. da Bussero.
BUS 81: linea Centrale F.S.–Lambrate F.S.: fermata Breda Rucellai.

District Garibaldi:

Anteo Spazio Cinema Via Milazzo 9 – Phone 02/6597732
Apollo Spazio Cinema Galleria de Cristoforis 3 – Phone 02/780390
Brera Cso Garibaldi 99 – Phone 02/29001890

District Vittoria:

Arcobaleno Via Tunisia 11 – Phone 02/29406054
Arti Via Pietro Mascagni 8 – Phone 02/781463
Colosseo Via Monte Nero 84 – Phone 02/29001890
Corsica Via Corsica 68 – Phone 02/70006199

District Magenta:

Ariosto Via Ariosto 16 – Phone 02/4800390
Ducale Pza Napoli 27 – Phone 02/47719279
Gloria Cso Vercelli 18 – Phone 02/48008909
Mexico Via Savona 57 – Phone: 02/48951802
San Carlo Via Morozzo della Rocca 4 – Phone: 02/4813442

District Centro Storico:

Arlecchino Via San Pietro all’Orto 9 – Phone: 02/76001214
Cavour Pza Cavour 3 – Phone: 02/6595779
Centrale Via Torino 30/32 – Phone 02/874826
Eliseo Via Torino 64 – Phone 02/72008219
Excelsior Cso Vercelli 18 – Phone 02/76002354
Manzoni Via Manzoni 40 – Phone: 199/199991

District Ticinese:

Orfeo Viale Conizugna 50 – Phone 02/89403039

District Loreto:

Plinius Viale Abruzzi 28/30 – Phone 02/29531103

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