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The theme of Expo 2015 Milan

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It is immediately understandable from the title "to Feed the planet. Energy for life" that the central theme of the World Expo 2015 in Milan is nutrition. The Milan’s choice of this theme is due to the rich tradition of Milan and Lombardy's food, made of genuine aand naturally cultivated products that distinguish our country; but above all, because Milan makes it’s way in the scientific research field that is oriented toward the improvement of the world food–producing.

This theme significantly embraces problems connected to the sustainable development, presented again on this occasion in the light of the new world perspectives in the scientific and technological fields. All the committed countries – 154 at the moment – will give their free interpretation of this theme, in relation to their own culture and traditions.

The theme of the sustainable development, here well framed in the title given to the Expo "to Feed the planet. Energy for life", is very wide however. There are several problems connected to the world–wide nutrition. Therefore, to discuss extensively every aspect of it, the Scientific Committee of the Expo has decided to treat different aspects connected to the central theme.

  • 1 – Science for food safety, security and quality
  • 2 – Innovation in the agro food supply chain
  • 3 – Technology for agriculture and biodiversity
  • 4 – Dietary education
  • 5 – Solidarity and co–operation food
  • 6 – Food for better life style
  • 7 – Food in the world’s cultures and ethnic groups
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