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Exhibition Area

The main area where Expo 2015 Milan will take place is the new Rho Pero fair place, situated to the north–west of the city and which will also include part of the Rho and Pero municipalities.

The new fair area replacing the old fair in Milan – that has been destroyed and replaced by the project for the new City Life district – is one of the biggest in Europe, with a surface of about 2 million mq. Conceived by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas – whose project was selected among four presented in 2002 – the new fair was completed in 2005 and it comes from a careful study of the territory and from the desire to retrain each corner of this area, with the aim to create a complex but well organized structure.

The expo area covers a total surface of about 400,000 mq (divided in a 60,000 mq open area and a 345,000 mq closed area) and consists of 8 wide pavillions (6 arranged on one floor and 2 more arranged on two floors) that individually take up a surface of 37,000 mq. In addition, numerous structures for visitors services, parkings, hotels and a green surface of 180,000 mq surrounding the entire expo space.

The Rho Pero area will be well connected to the different areas of the city in order to make the access easier to visitors arriving from any place, but above all this new area will see the union among urbanization, industrial and economic development, nature and culture. In fact, the Expo is located just next to famous parks, lakes, villas and ancient buildings that will host some of the events organized on this occasion.

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