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Events calendar

The World Expo 2015 in Milan offers a turn of events organized in collaboration with the Trienniale di Milano, and aimed to the valorisation of the city's artistic and cultural heritage. All of them are divided in 6 categories – a great event during each month of Expo – that include Art and Sport, Theatre and Music, Fashion and Cinema Design.

Here you are a list of the most important events of 2015:

Art Expo

May 2nd 2015: Leonardo in Milan – an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's work during his 25 years spent in Milan.

Other events:

An exhibition about Michelangelo Merisi "Caravaggio": the exhibition planned for 2010, will be repeated on the occasion of the Expo 2015 Milan, in order to give evidence to the city's devotion towards this great artist.

"Babel": Language Festival. Exhibitions, meetings and seminars aimed to show the variety of languages that art, fashion, industry and design produced in the past.

Exhibition on Milanese Futurism: Milan is celebrated as the main centre for Italian Futurism.

Great Exhibitions at the Trienniale and the Pinacoteca di Brera about the Expo's theme.

Expo Sport

June 7th 2015: "World Expo Supercup – The return match from the World Cup Final 2014"

Other Events:

Great pre–Olympics events dedicated to such important sport manifestation that will take place in 2016.

Final Four 2015 – great sport manifestation attended by many champions who belong to different sport disciplines.

Tour de France: this time the famous cycle race starts in Milan.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Theatre expo

July 11th 2015: "Symphony of the World"

Many other events organized with the aim of bringing to Milan the greatest artistic productions of the world.

Music expo

Saturday August 15th 2015: World music concert to mark the end of the "United Nations Millennium Campaign"

Other musical events (opera, ballet and several concerts)

Creativity Expo:

Fashion, Design and more

Sunday September 27th 2015: "Milan, 100 years of fashion"

Design Contest – a peculiar competition about kitchen design represented by utensils, containers etc.

Fashion Week

And many other events dedicated to fashion, design and all possible creativity expressions.

Cinema Expo

Tuesday October 27th 2015: "Festival 2015" – A festival conceived to show the best documentary films in the world.

Other events:

Overview on the Cinema Festivals.

DOC Fest – Milan Documentary Festival

An overall of about 7,000 events have been organized that will take place within the six months of the Milan Expo 2015.

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