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Milan's candidacy step by step

Here you are the most important stages of the long path at the end of which Milan as been selected as seat of the World Exp 2015, the second Universal Exposition of the XXI century after that one of Shangai in 2010.

October 16th 2006 – Letizia Moratti presents the Dossier of Milan's application. The first step toward Milan 2015 was the presentation of the Milan's application dossier by the Lombardy capital town's mayor, Letizia Moratti – who currently takes part in the Cabinet Presidency. In such dossier, the most important points of the Expo are specified: the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and the symbol of "the Vitruvian Man".

October 27th 2006 – The Italian Government choses Milan as official Italian candidate for the Expo 2015.

October 30th 2006 – Presentation at B.I.E. of the request for Milan's candidacy to World Exposition 2015, with the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

November 3rd 2006 – Italy and Turkey for Europe. The two European candidates for the Expo 2015 are Milan and Smirne. The competition between Italy and Turkey is starting.

December 19th 2006 – Milan at B.I.E. In this date at the B.I.E. it was officially presented the whole possible Milan's project for the Expo 2015.

June 20th 2007 – the B.I.E. meet in Paris. This date corresponds to the 141° B.I.E. (Boureau International des Expositions) Assembly, in occasion of which the candidacies' dossiers for the Expo 2015 were reintroduced.

July 19th 2007 – Me, Expo and you? It starts the just famous advertising campaign for Milan candidacy to the World Expo 2015.

March 31st 2008 – It is official that next exposition will be "Expo 2015 in Milan – Italy". At the Palais des Congrès of Paris, the city of Milan prevailed over the city of Smirne with 86 votes in favour against the 65 gained by the Turkish town, and it finally got the World Expo 2015. The Expo so called "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" will start on May 1st 2015 and will end on the following October 31st.

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